At Prospect House we work with a range of professionals to develop our specialist offer. This includes Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, CAMHS, Horticulture Therapist and Music Therapists. The priority for the joint working is the development of the Wave 1 provision on offer to all pupils—this can be in the form of training, development of classroom learning environments, development of shared spaces such as playgrounds, Imagination Village and Fantasy Forest. Some pupils will access support at Wave 2 and a small number of pupils will access support at wave 3. Both wave 2 and wave 3 provision are time limited. 



Wave 1—Universal

Quality First Teaching—specialist teaching with a bespoke curriculum and assessment system. All pupils have access to the schools specialised wave 1 offer. Professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists support this offer through training, teaching and learning/curriculum development.


Wave 2—Targeted

Time limited small group interventions. Pupils in these sessions will be working towards set outcomes. Pupils will be identified from data analysis including pupil progress information. Examples include handwriting/Lego therapy/reading/social thinking groups


Wave 3—Specialist

Highly personalised interventions and assessments, lead by a specialist. A small number of pupils  each year would access support at this level.




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