Sustainability and Climate Change

At Prospect House we are dedicated to looking after our school, its grounds and the local environment.

We have made sustainability high on our agenda and it also forms part of our school improvement plan. This has led us to develop actions in the following areas:

Food -

Offering weekly ‘meat free’ days on the school menu and offer parental support to consider the benefits of extending this at home.

Offset protein content with plant-based alternatives

Daily weigh of food wastage by school kitchen

Batch cooking where possible to help conserve energy

Health -

Promote spending time outdoors

Introduction of the daily mile

Promote ‘green jobs’ through our innovative curriculum

Grow -

Growing to be a key part of the curriculum

Use of community spaces such as the Byron’s and Mirfield gardens

Planting of trees on school grounds in conjunction with the local community


Promote litter binning and regular litter picks

Rewild areas in between boundary fencing to focus on biodiversity

Development and introduction of bird feeders to outdoor areas

Building bug hotels around the school site


Active promotion of turning off lights/equipment

Turn heating down by one degree campaign

Measure our energy consumption


Procurement to be a key part of consideration

Development of a school composting area

Develop a recycle and reuse approach – including uniform


Active promotion of walking/biking to school

Explore ways of reducing traffic with local councillors

Challenge idling by school transport and parental drops offs


Develop an eco-school’s approach with student council

Develop a shared vision with all stakeholders in school

Measure carbon footprint at regular intervals


Each week the Eco council meet to carry out a variety of tasks, so far this term they have:

  • Given each class a bin to recycle their paper waste which we collect every week.
  • Put up posters to encourage people to switch off lights when rooms are not being used,
  • Chitted potato seeds ready to plant and grow our own potatoes.
  • Collected leaves and put them into our new compost bins.

They hope that all of this work will help to achieve our Eco Schools Green Flag award. You can find our Eco Schools Action Plan below. 


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