• To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural development of children, providing an “I can do” culture that gives opportunities and experiences whilst encouraging lifelong learning.
  • To promote confidence, responsibility, success and a positive attitude whilst developing life skills and opportunities for living a full life in the wider community.
  • To provide a suitable, happy and secure work and play environment in which children develop their abilities and make progress according to their individual needs.
  • To acknowledge the uniqueness and intrinsic value of all children and staff in school.
  • To forge positive working relationships with parents and carers and encourage a partnership between home and school, involving parents and carers in all aspects and stages of school life.
  • To encourage children to pursue personal interests, to make their own choices and decisions so they can contribute positively to society, and have their skills and talents utilised in the community.
  • To develop skills and knowledge that would support children in lifelong learning.
  • To promote equal opportunities, embracing everybody regardless of disability, gender, race, age or sexuality.
  • To promote fundamental British Values as part of SMSC, PSHE and Citizenship.
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